Do you shoot anything besides Boudoir?

No we only shoot Boudoir and have dedicated our photographic careers to the art of boudoir.

Do you offer hair and makeup?

-Yes we do, and comes with our packages. 

I work M-F crazy  busy (kids, school, errands, etc) when can I possible have a Boudoir session?

-We offer our sessions on the weekdays only right now, hopefully this will change soon. 

What about posing? I don't know how to look "sexy"?

-Don't worry about posing, our talented photographers have been trained in Boudoir posing and will find poses that best suit your body type. As for  being sexy, well that is no problem, we will help bring out your inner Gorgeous!

When should I book my session?

-Please book at least one week in advance, but if it is a must, we can always try and work to fit you in. 

Who will be my photographer?

-It will be with the owner, Emily and one of her assistants who is also female and specially trained in Boudoir photography to make your session as smooth and relaxing as possible.

What Should I bring to my session?

-Please bring whatever the package you purchased tells you to bring. Anything that makes you feel gorgeous is all excepted! please check out our tips and tricks page to get your familiar with what kinds of outfits to wear.

How long is my session?

-Your Hello Gorgeous Boudoir session last for an hour or two depending on package chosen.

Where will my session take place at?

-Your session will take place in the city in which you booked your appointment, we are always looking for amazing boutique hotels and because of this our location always changes, so please look carefully at your confirmation email when you book, as this will tell you when and where your session will be.

Do you shoot couples Boudoir?

No  we do not shoot couples Boudoir.  Our work is dedicated strictly to the art of women's intimate Boudoir.

Will you take out my stretchmarks, blemishes etc? Will it cost extra?

-Yes our talented graphic re-touchers will do an allover gorgeous finish to your photo, but anything else beyond the basic re-touch will be done for an extra fee.